Apr 302012

OK, this is possibly the most outrageous case of fuckwittery ever detected by Science. I’m an awful one for not letting an argument pass me by on Twitter, especially when the whackjobs my beloved Tweeps flush out of the woodwork are such glorious examples of Twattery. This particular borderline loonbag regularly posts a lot of nonsense, but as far as I can tell she was being taken to task for claiming that swallowing post fellatio can cause cancer and that was what noted atheist Christopher Hitchens died of.

Ah yes, she hates atheists. And sceptics. And science. Well, she would: she seems to adhere to every whacko belief under the sun, from reincarnation to the Vatican suppressing important passages of the True Bible.

She appears to have deleted some of her Tweets. Those who give free rein to their inner dickhead often do. Pro tip for Twats: once someone has RT’d your Tweet, it’s sort of hard to delete entirely. In fact, if anyone knows the exact time you sent out your 140 characters of unfettered Stupid, even deleting it before anyone can RT won’t help. It’s still on the servers, just hidden from view. Once extracted and embedded somewhere, it cannot be concealed from public scrutiny and your twisted psyche is laid bare for all to see.

So, to cut a long story short: at one point exchanges with this delightful person, currently using the handle @ChristinaEvangi, gave rise to this:


I hadn’t followed the discussion leading up to this, or I probably wouldn’t have been so polite when I dipped my oar in:

For the record, I suffer from a congenital disability which has caused me lower back pain for almost as long as I can remember.

What the ever-lovin’ fuck? Possibly the most extreme case of victim-blaming I’ve ever seen. If you’re ill or disadvantaged in any way at all, it’s because you decided you would be before you were born? That’s weapons-grade Stupid in a mega-WTF warhead. Of course everyone reacted in horrified disbelief. Such crasshattery, such breathtaking arseholery, such balls-out übercuntery is rarely detected in the wild. Is this a troll, or genuine proof that Satan exists and is running all religions, great and small?

And what does Crasshat reply to the storm of disapproval?

Yes, seriously, she did. She actually wrote that in all earnestness. None of these Tweets have been altered in any way at all, incredible though it may seem. There really are self-absorbed, hypocritical wankers out there, ready to believe in anything except reality and convinced they’re so superior to non-believers that the latter have no worth whatsoever.

I’ll leave the final word to my good friend @distant_angel.


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