Apr 292012

This week a bombshell rocked the LGBT community, and in a good way. A very, very good way.

One the other hand, it’s a total bummer for people like Marcus Bachmann, Care, Core Issues, Desert Stream Ministries, Exodus International, Living Waters, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, not forgetting our old friends Eugene Fear-The-Peen Delgaudio and Dr Peter Saunders.

Why? Because in 2001 Dr. Robert Spitzer Presented a paper entitled Can Some Gay Men and Lesbians Change Their Sexual Orientation? at the American Psychiatric Association’s annual bash. Since it came from a self-styled “skeptic” who had previously led the movement to get homosexuality removed from the DSM IV and no longer considered as an illness, this opened the floodgates to self-styled “gay cure” therapists, often closely associated with the religious right. And in spite of the study’s conclusions having been robustly criticised from the outset, these parasitic purveyors of deluded quackery and evangelistic brainwashing continue to promote their fear-filled, hateful agenda.

So far, so good for those looking to make a quick buck out of pain and suffering. However, things have just changed. Dr Spitzer has retracted his paper, admitting that he now realises it is fundamentally flawed.  This probably won’t stop the evangelicals promoting ex-gay therapy – all of which boils down to a more or less refined form of torture, in my opinion – because nothing stops quacks selling the quackery that earns them a dishonest living, but it does mean they don’t have even the most tenuous scientific support for their belief that sexual orientation can be changed.

The scoop by Truth Wins Out is here.



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