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I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to rip apart the latest snippet of good ol’ ignorance and lies from one of our favourite hate groups: the Family Research Council and its president and spokesmoron, Tony Perkins. Fans of the “scare quote” will be overjoyed.

November 28, 2011
Dear Jay,

You recently took our Defend Family Values Quiz. I’d like to briefly tell you more about one of your answers.

Don’t worry, I only took it to annoy them and see what reaction I’d get. I’m such a tease.

We asked, “True or False? Due to religious exemptions, same-sex ‘marriage’ would not harm the rights of parents, schools, churches, or religious ministries.”

The answer was: “FALSE.” Shockingly, when same-sex “marriage” was legalized in Massachusetts, a Christian adoption agency was shut down because it refused to put children into the hands of homosexual parents.

A barefaced lie. The agency chose to close down rather than apply the law of the land. It was their choice to put their personal bigotries before the welfare of vulnerable children, there being no credible proof whatsoever that gay or trans people are worse parents than cis heterosexuals.

That’s just one example of what will happen nationwide if same-sex “marriage” is legalized. It’s not just a “private” matter.

Can someone explain to this idiot that adoption and marriage are not the same thing?

And . . . it’s an example of what the radical Left, empowered by its billionaire donors, wants to do to religious liberty in America.

Yes, I saw a recently published list of how much you and your bigoted ilk pull in as donations: just one association garners more in a year than many LGBT organisations see in five. See below, in fact. And, um, sorry to disillusion you, but the political left in the USA isn’t all that radical. In fact, they’re a bit on the moderate-centerish side, if you ask me.

Please learn more–and what you can do–by following this link.

Fear not, dear reader, I heroically did this so you wouldn’t have to. I’ll put the text after this rubbish. You won’t like it, I promise.

I hope our quiz was eye-opening for you. And furthermore, I hope it motivated you to put action to what you learned. For more information, just click here. Many more people, including those in Congress, need to know the facts.

Thank you!

Standing (Ephesians 6:13),

Tony Perkins


I keep wondering if Standing Ephesians are like Operating Thetans, but let it pass. On to the philosophical and philanthropic gems awaiting us behind that link.

Congress Needs to Know!

When you took Family Research Council’s online Defend Family Values Quiz, you learned:

  • When same-sex “marriage” was legalized in Massachusetts, it forced Catholic Charities of Boston to shut down its large and respected adoption service. 

We’ve done that one earlier. I just can’t whip up much sympathy for people who run charities to further their narrow views rather than help people in need, without regard for creed, colour, gender or sexual orientation.

  • The proposed federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2011 (ENDA) would force employers to hire “drag queens” and “drag kings” to work in customer service positions, including jobs working with children.

Well, drag queen/king is a recognised profession in the entertainment industry, mostly music hall and cabaret. Do those pantomimes you take the children to see round about now also ring a bell?  I think it is therefore unlikely anybody would be forced to hire one if they didn’t want to. I suspect what you are referring to, in your sweet little bigoted way, are transgender people. Like, um, me? You know, a successful parent of happy, well-balanced children? Who’s never gone around perverting children, or indeed anybody. Perhaps I’ve been remiss, but it’s really not my thing.

  • In the eyes of the liberal elites who populate our government, your religious rights take a backseat to the rights of those who openly advocate sexual immorality.

Apparently just existing and not apologising profusely for the fact before ceremonially disemboweling yourself, or something along those lines, is “openly advocating sexual immorality”.

You know these facts. But does Congress? Since 1983, Family Research Council (FRC) has been giving the media, members of Congress, and other leading policymakers, the facts, research, and compelling arguments to refute the radical Left’s attack on your values and freedoms.

I think you have problems, both with the definition of ‘knowledge’ and with the definition of ‘fact’. Incidentally, I have yet to see any research or compelling arguments from your neck of the woods.

Today, FRC’s work is more important than ever.


Members of Congress have called its work “indispensable,” and they say FRC is “leading the charge.” (Enemies have falsely labeled FRC as a “hate group” for communicating the truth, even though it takes care to do so in a spirit of biblical love.)

Can I have the name of these wing-nuts who think you’re indispensable, other than as a dire warning of what happens when bigotry is allowed to run riot? I note your ‘biblical love’ and point you back to your ‘openly advocate sexual immorality’ and other lies. One does not lie to somebody one loves, nor shut them out in the cold and ignore the cries until they fade away for ever. One does not tell someone one loves that they are an abomination, a paedophile and unfit to be part of society.

Presumably ‘biblical love’ is an euphemism for the total opposite of ‘real love’?

Please join FRC’s effort at this moment . . . a moment when the battle is intensifying.

To give a tax-deductible donation, simply submit the form at the left.

You’d think they were penniless, wouldn’t you? says otherwise: revenues of around $12 million for 2010.

Your donation will be helping give Congress the facts that could save religious freedom and preserve the values essential to American liberty and our way of life.

If religious freedom is the right to force those who do not share your beliefs to do as you choose, then religious freedom doesn’t deserve to be saved. As for American Liberty and Way of life: well, you and the other spittle-flecked hate-mongers often use those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean. See your Constitution for further details.

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